How To Get Free DJ ALOK in Free Fire

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Introduction – 

In the realm of portable gaming, perhaps the most mainstream fight illustrious games right currently is Garena Free Fire particularly after the PUBG Mobile boycott in India. There are a lot of special characters and pets that make the fans love the game to such an extent. 


There are an aggregate of 34 characters introduced in Garena Free Fire, and every one of them have remarkable capacities to use on the combat zone aside from Adam and Eve. One of these characters is DJ Alok, who is very well known among the portable gaming local area as a result of his cool capacity, Drop the Beat. He can be bought by players for 599 precious stones which is an excessive cost for a character in the game.


Who is the motivation behind the formation of the chracter DJ Alok in Free Fire? 

Brazillian DJ Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo is the motivation behind the formation of the chracter DJ Alok in Free Fire

Who is DJ Alok, in actuality? 

Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo (Portuguese articulation: [/a’lɔki/]; brought into the world August 26, 1991) is a Brazilian performer, DJ, record maker and the most famous character in Garena Free Fire. He is known for his single “Hear Me Now”.

Who is free fire best character? 

Alok (Ability – Drop the Beat) is seemingly the best character in Free Fire because of his capacity to renew HP. It can come grip in minutes where players don’t have a hotspot for reestablishing their wellbeing. The augmentation in the development speed is additionally another factor. 

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Who is better Alok or K? 

Both K and DJ Alok are incredible characters to use in the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire. Notwithstanding, DJ Alok’s capacity is more helpful on the grounds that it offers two significant ranges of abilities, i.e., mending and a speed up. He is, hence, the better character to use in the Clash Squad mode. 

Does DJ Alok play free fire? 

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Quite possibly the most mainstream characters in Free Fire, DJ Alok is a playable character dependent on the genuine Brazilian music craftsman Alok. DJ Alok in Free Fire has eight levels, and as a player propels each level, the capacity upgrades.

How to get Free Fire Alok Character for Free? 

DJ Alok is a top notch character in the store, valued at 599 jewels. It’s implied that he is the most costly character in the store and presently can’t seem to be made accessible in any in-game occasions. As a prize, numerous YouTubers and friction workers have competitions and Free Fire giveaways that incorporate character DJ Alok 

How would you get Alok ability in free fire

Stage 1: Open the game, and on the fundamental screen, click the Store symbol. 

Stage 2: The store opens, and snap on the ‘Character’ tab. 

Stage 3: The rundown of characters shows up, look down and discover Alok. 

Stage 4: Click on the buy button.

When did free fire start Alok? 

11- November-2019 

DJ Alok was initially presented in Free Fire on eleventh November 2019 out of a cooperation with quite possibly the most well known DJs and record makers on the planet, Alok. DJ Alok’s character has an excellent capacity in the game called ‘Drop The Beat’ . 

For what reason is Alok well known in free fire? 

DJ Alok is a consistent mending source, which is an extraordinary capacity for players during extreme gunfights. He has an uncommon capacity in Free Fire called Drop The Beat, which makes a 5m atmosphere that reestablishes 5 HP/s for 5 seconds. 

Free Fire DJ Alok Character Ability – 

Free Fire DJ Alok Character is quite possibly the most famous characters just added to the game. His capacity is called Drop the Beat.’ When utilized, the capacity makes an atmosphere of 5m which speeds up development by 10% and gives 5 HP to 5 seconds. Character levels are eight, and capacity is improved at each level. It frames a 5 m air at the last level which helps the partner’s speed of development by 15 percent and reestablishes 5 HP for 10 seconds. 

How to Open Alok Character in Free Fire? 

Clients have a few free approaches to get precious stones, which thusly can be utilized to get Alok in Free Fire. Google Opinion Rewards is probably the most straightforward approaches to get jewels for nothing. All players are needed to download the App from the Play Store application and enter all the essential data. The quantity of overviews is straightforwardly relative to the prizes you get and remunerates shift per review from client to client. 


A few players may consider it a sluggish method to get precious stones, however this is genuine and the quickest method to get the cash. Clients can likewise utilize distinctive GPT destinations, for example, SwagBucks, ySense, and PrizeRebel. Be that as it may, the withdrawal cycle on these pages is somewhat longer since they don’t have Google Play Giftcards for all districts, and players should money out as PayPal cash.

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