How to Get Premium Guns Skins in Free Fire

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Garena Free Fire is effectively perhaps the most played fight royale games for cell phones at this moment. After PUBG got restricted in India, the game acquired a huge load of ubiquity.


Moreover, the game offers players with a huge load of appealing skins. With regards to character and firearm skins, there are simply so many. While some you can just gain admittance to by paying with genuine cash, others can be acquired free of charge. Additionally, these free skins really pack an incredible punch and you can crush your approach to getting them. 


The top notch character and firearm skins can be bought from the in-game shop by means of jewels. Jewels are the in-game money of Garena Free Fire. Nonetheless, few out of every odd player can stand to pay for the precious stones. This is actually where the requirement for astonishing however free character and firearm skins come in. 

How would you get free gun skin in free fire? 

  1. Steps to get free perpetual Scar-L firearm skin in Free Fire 
  2. Open the game and sign in to your Free Fire account. 
  3. Head over to the occasions segment and discover ‘Perm Gun Skin’ occasion. 
  4. Tap on it and guarantee your free rewards. 
  5. Sign in the game for 28 back to back days to store it forever in your record.

Strategies to get free gun skins in Free Fire: 

  1. Participate in the Events – 

In the game, the occasions are basically taken an interest in for their prizes and blessing things. By finishing errands during the occasions, players are compensated different free things like characters, gun skins, containers, and much more.

What’s more, these occasions run for a few days which gives more opportunity for the members to finish it. To check the rundown of occasions running in the game, explore to the occasions segment in Free Fire. 

2 . Complete the missions of Free Elite Pass –

The Elite Pass is another simple method to get free lasting firearm skins. Through this technique, players can get amazing gun skins by finishing missions while playing the game. 

At whatever point another season shows up in the game, Garena presents two variants of the Elite Pass. In the free form, players can get compensations without spending a solitary penny in the game. 

3 . Redeem one of a kind codes at the Redemption Center-

A Redeem Code is a one of a kind mix of 12 numbers through which players can guarantee free prizes in the game. Garena shares these selective codes on their different web-based media handles like Facebook and Twitter, and the players are encouraged to watch out for these posts. 

Additionally, Sportskeeda has just recorded a lot of working Redeem Codes through which players can gather firearm skins. Allude to this article, which records the means engaged with utilizing Redeem Codes. 

Here is the secret to open all Skins in Free Fire utilizing LuluBox: 

LuluBox is an outsider application or a Mod used to hack all the Gun Skins, characters, outfits, and Bundles of Free Fire in game. Likewise, with no top-up of Diamonds you can get all the things for nothing. 

The means are as per the following: 

Type Free Fire in the inquiry toolbar and download the mod. 

When you download the mod it associates with your game consequently. So you can open all the groups, skins, and Characters simply by choosing the thing you need. 

Top 4 gun skin in Free Fire as of November 2020 

1. Blazing Dragon AK 

The Dragon AK is the most well known skin among Free Fire players. It is additionally the hardest skin to get in the game. This is an incredible firearm skin that duplicates the fire pace of the gun while additionally expanding the harm and strength. 

2. Pumpkin Flames AK 

The Evil Pumpkin AK contains a specific slaughter feed with an expanded pace of shoot and multiplied precision for the firearm. It additionally has in-show movement and can be purchased for 40 jewels from the Free Fire store. 

3. Incredible Plunder Groza 

This is a standout amongst other Groza skins accessible in Free Fire. The Great Plunder Groza is accessible in the store segment of Free Fire and can be purchased for 40 jewels. This skin pairs the exactness and expands the harm of the Groza. It likewise contains a specific execute feed during the game 

4. Blood Moon Scar 

Perhaps the most deadly firearm skins in Free Fire is the Blood Moon Scar. By utilizing this skin, players will have the harm multiplied and the firearm range increased.The just disadvantage of the Blood Moon Scar is that it diminishes the exactness of the gun. 

Conclusion – 

Players can likewise acquire free gun skins through a couple of different strategies, however they require more exertion, and here and there, players face prohibitions on their records for utilizing outsider sites. 

Along these lines, it would work well for you to utilize the ways referenced above to get free lasting gun skins in the game, and gloat about them to your companions! 

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